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Forum opening!

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Forum opening! Empty Forum opening!

Post  Izual Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:44 pm

We are glad to announce that this forum is now open! o/

Surface Dwellers has no blog, no website. The only place you can meet us, learn more about the project and ask questions is here. If you want to know something about our project, you can by then post in one of the subforum we created. Hopefully the more this project grows the more they get filled! We will post our updates when they are done. Of course for some time there won't be any real changelog, as you anyway didn't know about the situation before the updates. But we'll release bits of information to keep you interested.

We are currently working on two different things. Amarok is working on the scripts, and he is doing a great job there! Almost done, he eats grapes while I work hard. He's going faster than me! I'm working on the maps, the areas. Actually, I'm working on the first one. The old one, which was a reworked huge version of Fallout 2's Den, was not satisfying and I just deleted it. The one I'm working on now is way more interesting and new. There will be a huge post about it in a sooner future - with eye-candy or, as we name them, "screenshots".

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